Hello and thank you for visiting our site today. The Shirley Mae Dove Foundation is a Non Profit 501c3 Organization that helps those who are battling cancer, the women and children of abuse, and the homeless of lee county. I lost my mother in 2005 to breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I could ever lose. She always was the type of person who would feed you, give you clothes if she had it to fit you, and let you shower if you needed one. She took care of the neighbhorhood kids. She was always funny, outgoing, and loved to make you laugh. All the kids in the area called her mom. She loved everyone and no matter what life brought her, she was always happy.

My mother shirley has not always had a great life. She was beaten and raped and left for dead by a ex boyfriend when she was younger. But with determination to make it for her kids she was able to reach the closest highway and get help and taken to the nearest hospital to receive care. My mom was the greatest. I know how hard it is when someone you love is fighting for their lives, Ive seen it. I dont wish that on anybody. But as my mom grew sicker and weaker, I knew I had to get prepared for the worse.

My mom thru it all was the best. Nurses and the doctors loved her, always cracking jokes while getting her chemo and radiation treatments. As the days and nights left me wondering if this was the night, I wasnt prepared for what the lord has in store. No one can go on with out their momma. Thinking back on the events that lead up to her passing,, the different langauges she spoke, and everyone getting together to say thier goodbyes, We knew that the lord was ready to take her. But on her last breath she wanted to make sure all of her kids would be taken care of. She didnt want to leave this earth without knowing that she would have no worries going to the lord. That night on December 4th 2005 she was granted passage thru those pearly gates and entered a forever life with our lord. I knew it was going to be the hardest time ever to go on without her. So as her daughter who was giving everything, wanted to help those with cancer get the help they need. and this is why the Shirley Mae Dove Foundation was formed.

In her memory. All funds raised with go soley to those with Cancer, The Act Shelter, and The Homeless of Lee County. Everyone deserves a second chance. In My Momma's House, Everyone was welcome.

Our Mission

To be able to give to those who need our help. To get the awareness out of many cancers that have not yet been detected. To try to help ones who have been denied medical insurance from a pre existing condition. We want to end the pain and suffering due to the everyday expenses that being diagnosed with a illness brings. We want to ease the pain, take away the stress, and make ones life more comfortable while going through treatment. We want to help put an ease in your life and bring happiness thru the love of our holy spirit and savior.

Our Vision

To help raise awareness for many branches of cancer. To be able to help those who are battling cancer thru donations and fundraising one family at a time.

We Give Support

The Shirley Mae Dove Foundation helps people stricken with illnesses, women and chrildren of abuse and the homeless.

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