Furniture To Foster Program

The program works with donations that are solely given by the public to assist in the children who are aging out of the system. If we have it in stock or on hand: Each recipient would receive what they needed to start up a apartment for 1 person. Prior to receiving donated items, they must fulfill at least 25 hours of community services within the thrift store. They would need to make arrangement to pick up their selected items once they have moved into their place and upon exiting the foster care system.

Act Shelter Program

Each Recipient would receive donated items that would furnish a 1 person plus 1 child home upon existing the Act Shelter. As long as we had it on hand. If not then a gift card would be given to spend at a corresponding company that we have set up to purchase at a discount price. (It may be New or Used items). They would also have to complete at least 25 hours of community services to be eligible to receive items.

American Cancer Society Program

Each Recipient will receive help with expenses needed due to diagnosis of any form of cancer. These expenses will include the following:

  1. Rent if any with proof of lease or mortgage (payable to owner or landlord or Bank)
  2. Utilities (Lcec or Florida Power and light Only)
  3. Medications needed for treatment of cancer
  4. Food (Healthy)

*** Hospice Care (If we have extra funds available, we could provide a nurse to come to the home for up to 6 months if needed.)

What the program will not pay for are as follows:

  1. Child Care
  2. Car Payments
  3. Novelty Expenses such as Cable or Satellite Services, Or PPV Movies
  4. Insurance Payment (Car)
  5. Health Care Premiums (For we are not a insurance provider)

Helping The Homeless

If a person or persons looking homeless and asking for help, will get it. Will get a free outfit of their choice. Which includes:

  1. Shirt
  2. Pair of Pants
  3. Socks and shoes (If in their size)
  4. Jacket if needed
  5. Pillow and blanket

A voucher for a weeks free of meals at participating restaurants to whom we partner with. List will follow once we have them.

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